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Sword Knot for Navy Sword

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Highly decorative and an essential military blade accessory, the sword knot is the perfect finish to your investment. Evolving from its practical origins centuries ago of looping around a swordsman's wrist and securing his grip to the hilt to prevent loss of his blade in battle, the sword knot is now a mandatory, but ornamental and decorative accessory for service personnel. For active service the knot is a classic leather strap, while full dress versions are elaborate gold or silver tassels in patterns signifying a regiment or unit.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is a branch of the Australian Defence Force and the country’s naval warfare force. The RAN has served Australia since Federation, providing essential protection both in times of war and peace. With a fleet of more than 50 ships, the RAN plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of Australia, its people, and its interests in the Indo-Pacific region. The RAN takes pride in maintaining a strong military presence within the region, with personnel deployed for operations, exercises and engagements. It also works closely with partner nations to promote maritime stability, freedom of navigation and respect for international law.

The RAN is a highly trained and professional force, with personnel highly skilled in areas such as operations, engineering, intelligence and logistics. With its commitment to innovation, the Navy continues to be a leader in maritime security, deterrence and defence across the region.

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