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Wholesale B2B Enquiries

Wholesale B2B Enquiries

The Wedgetail Brand has been producing Australian Made military personal equipment for over 7 years. We manufacture on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia and ship anywhere in the world. Wedgetail has capacity to manufacture small and large quantities with all products made here licensed to use the Australia Made logo. 

Where we can, we source locally made products to support Australian Jobs and Australian Industry. Whist we have traditionally focussed on boutique and custom made tactical and military gear, we are looking forward to engaging with partners to bring our Australian Made products to a wider market. 

Whilst we can't offer all of our locally manufactured  products due to obligations with  the Australian Defence Force we will be offering the remainder of our catalogue  of high quality tactical gear to the B2B market which is always expanding. 

We consider B2B partners that would work well with us are those with a physical store presence or those in close proximity to Defence bases and Defence personnel.  A Min spend of $500 per order is something that we would ask of our partners. 

We look forward to hearing from you