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Royal Military College Duntroon Tie Bar

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Royal Military College Duntroon Tie Bar

The Royal Military College, Duntroon, commonly referred to as RMC, serves as the Australian Army's officer training establishment. Situated in the capital city of Canberra, it holds a distinguished place in Australia's military history. The institution's core mission involves equipping cadets with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to lead troops effectively. Officer cadets undergo rigorous training, both physical and intellectual, over an 18-month course to prepare for the challenges and responsibilities of a leadership role within the Australian Army.

The curriculum at the Royal Military College Duntroon is both comprehensive and challenging, designed to cultivate the leadership and strategic thinking essential for an army officer. The training involves a balanced mix of academic studies, military education, and physical conditioning. Cadets delve into a variety of subjects, including military law, defence studies, leadership development, and international relations. The military training component encompasses fieldcraft, weapons training, first aid, navigation, and a host of other skills crucial to military operations. Physical training is also integral to the curriculum, ensuring cadets meet the demanding fitness standards of the Australian Army. This comprehensive approach to training ensures that upon graduation, cadets are well-prepared to take on command roles, showcasing resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to their duties.