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Pace Counter

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Keep track of your paces to assist Navigation in the field

Find out your pace count for 100M. (Count out everytime your left foot hits the ground) eg My pace on flat road is 65. 

Then when you are blazing the trail everytime you have walked 100m you move one bead over to one side. 

So after 500m you should have have 5 beads on one side. 

These simple, abacus-like units are extremely handy for complicated, multi-leg routes that require continuous pacing or dead reckoning.

The PACE COUNTER allows you to silently keep pace and measure distance travelled during the day or night.

This unit has been throughly tested at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg in the USA, and is currently the preffered pace counter with the elite U.S. RANGERS.

Full user instructions are provided with each unit.