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Military Army 24hr Ration Pack Meal Ready to Eat - Butter Chicken

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Army Rations MRE Meals Ready to Eat. Combat Rations 


Complete 24hr food pack to keep you going. It comes with a 300g Meal Pack and with the long shelf life anything that you don't eat this time, you can keep for your next outing.


  • Full allergen information is supplied with all packs.
  • Complete 24 hour meal pack
  • Various flavours 

Pack contents:

Breakfast (common on all menus)
1 x 100g Muesli Cereal with milk powder


Snacks (common on all menus)
45g Chocolate bars
50g Muesli bars
15g pkts Fruit Grains


Lunch (common on all menus)
85g Instant Noodles
pkt Crackers
tube Yeast Extract
Fruit Spread



Hot Meal Packs

Other components (common to all menus)
Instant Noodles
Salt Sachet
Sugar Sachet
Coffee Sachets
Tea bags
Sports Drink
Sweetened Condensed Milk

Total weight of pack = approx 1200g
Average energy content per pack = 13,000kJ

Allergen Summary

Noodles Beef - Contains Gluten and Soy
Fruit Grains - Dusted with Wheat Fibre, may contain Tripotassium Citrate
Muesli Bars - Contains Wheat, Dairy and Soy
Crackers - Contains Wheat. May contain traces of egg, nut and sesame
Yeast Extract - Contains derivatives of barley, wheat and soy.

**Note - AAFC Routine Instruction 13/09 advised all AAFC members that they are entitled to purchase this item if they wish. The AAFC nor Defence have or will place any embargo on the purchase of this item from Cadetshop. These are not ADF issued ration packs. These are a commercial product. Purchasing this item is the same as if you purchased food from your local supermarket. (but more efficient!)**

Members of the ADFC can purchase this item. Cadet units are encouraged to contact us for a quote for bulk orders.

Our tasty and nutritious Hungerbuster Ration Packs and Single Serve Meals have been developed using high quality food components that meet the stringent food safety requirements and nutritional profiles of global defence forces and emergency service teams. 


A comprehensive and nutritious 24 Hour Ration Pack for use in the outdoors or in an emergency situation.


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