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F89 Minimi Machine Gun Miniature

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The F89 rifle is an Australian military combat weapon that has been used by the country's armed forces since 1989. It is a lightweight, reliable and accurate bullpup-style assault rifle designed for close quarter battle (CQB) operations. The F89 was developed as part of Australia's tactical modernization program to replace their aging L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (SLR). This new weapon system offers superior firepower, accuracy and manoeuvrability in tight urban environments where traditional rifles may not be suitable. It has become one of the most popular weapons in use by the Australian Defence Force due to its reliability and effectiveness in combat situations. From special operations units to regular infantry troops, the F89 has proven itself time and again as an invaluable tool on the battlefield.

Exceptional miniature Minimi F89 Machine Gun.

1/6 Scale Injection moulded zinc alloy model.

Length: 180mm. • Issued: 1989-Present • Conflicts: Afghanistan War, Iraq War • Specifications : • Weight: 7kg • Length: 1080mm • Calibre: 5.56mm • Rate of Fire: 800-900 rounds/min • Muzzle Velocity: 930 m/s • Effective Range: 400m • Feed System: Belt Feed.