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Desk Set Pewter Australian Army Reserve 2 Pen Desk Set

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• Army Reserves Double Desk Set
• Hand made from Australian pewter and jarrah
• Will not rust or tarnish
• Ships within 3 days and arrives within 7 – 10 days
• 190mm Width x 95mm Length x 110mm Height
• All pewter elements come with a lifetime replacement guarantee

The Australian Army Reserve is a part-time volunteer reserve force that serves as an integral component of Australia's defence structure. It provides a trained and sustainable pool of personnel to support the regular Army in fulfilling its role. The Army Reserve comprises part-time members who typically train one night per week, during weekends and on public holidays. The Army Reserve plays an important role in providing personnel to support national security, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, as well as training for regular military deployments. It also provides opportunities for individuals to gain access to a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications that may prove useful in other areas of life.