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Boatswains Call

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Boatswain's call whistle gold in colour


  • Traditional boating and sailing whistle
  • The Boatswain's call or whistle was once the only method other than the human voice of passing orders to men on board ship. The boatswain was the officer in charge of rigging, sails and sailing equipment; he therefore need to issue orders more frequently than other officers and so the whistle was named after him.
  • Sailors were trained to respond immediately to the piping of the call and react without delay. The boatswain's whistle was particularly useful in storms where the hight-pitched tones could be heard above the sounds of the howling winds and lashing waves.


NSN # 8970-01-547-7776

 The role of a Boatswains Mate in the Australian Navy is an important one. Boatswains Mates are responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of boats, ships and other vessels. They direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in stevedoring, deck work, ship salvage operations, painting, and cleaning. In addition, Boatswains Mates can be called upon to perform such duties as maintaining and operating weapons systems, navigation, communications and other equipment. They also act as watch officers in charge of the ship's personnel, cargo, and navigational operations. The rigorous training they receive prepares them for a wide variety of tasks in order to ensure the safety and smooth running of naval vessels and operations. Boatswains Mates must be physically fit, highly motivated, and possess excellent problem-solving skills in order to excel in the demanding role. Their commitment to duty is essential for the successful operation of the Navy's fleet of ships.