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Army Rations Meal Ready to Eat Single Serve MRE - Chilli Con Carne

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Army Field Rations Meal Ready to Eat Single Serve MRE

Single Serve Meal Military Rations. 

Delicious, ready to eat casseroles and curries for the outdoors, work, and home. Hot in 2 minutes. Not dehydrated, heat our ready to eat casseroles and curries in the pouch for 2 minutes in boiling water. Food is one of the most important components of any adventure.

Freeze-dried meals don't come close to these homestyle hearty meals. These meals are now enjoyed on all Great Walks, backcountry hunting missions, Mt Everest, Dongfeng; the winning round the world yacht, and families multi-day adventuring. The proof is in the eating. 


What are the Main Meal Heating Instructions?

  1. Place the meal pouch in boiling water for 2 minutes (250g)
  2. Lift the pouch out of the water
  3. Tear the top open, stir
  4. Pour onto a plate with your mashed potato or rice or eat straight out of the pouch
  5. Use leftover water to make your potatoes or rice, for a brew or dishwashing
  6. You can eat the food cold in an emergency but we recommend hot for maximum enjoyment


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