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Whether you need professional headlamps for construction or agricultural work, or a quality, reliable headlamp for your favourite outdoor pastimes – you will find a perfect companion at Ledlenser. With our brand’s roots firmly planted in solid German engineering and design, Ledlenser has always been in the forefront for LED lighting solutions. Having researched and developed LED lights for over 20 years, we make sure that our customers are always the first to benefit from the latest upgrades in our technology.

High-Quality Headlamps

Combining our knowledge of field-specific needs for good lighting with our patented technologies, we design and manufacture award-winning headlamps that are sold all across the globe.

Key features of rechargeable Headlamps are:

  • Compact and lightweight. We offer an extensive selection of LED headlamps that are extremely comfortable to use – they are lightweight, compact and adjustable.
  • Light modes. Our selection of headlamps have different light mode setups to suit a wide range of situations. Low power mode ensures extra long battery life and provides optimal lighting for reading in the dark; boost mode offers temporarily increased brightness, while power mode offers continuous luminosity, suitable for a variety of tasks. Our headlamps can even be set to emit an SOS signal in emergency situations.
  • Battery. We offer LED headlamps that can work anywhere from 4 hours to 120 hours, depending on the headlamp model and light output used. Our headlamp collection also offers both rechargeable and battery operated options. When you are choosing your headlamp, it is important to take into consideration how long you need your headlamp to work in certain light modes, and if it is more convenient to recharge the battery from time to time or replace the batteries once the old ones die.
  • Light colour and temperature. For some activities like outdoor sports, the headlamp’s light colour and temperature may be an important factor, as users need to adjust their lighting to their surrounding conditions for better vision. Our headlamps are versatile – offering warm, cool and daylight colour temperatures, with a built-in red LED light option.
  • Beam options. Our headlamps come equipped with options for floodlight, spotlight or both. Some activities will require a larger field of vision, while others will benefit from a concentrated light source. Consider which option you will need when choosing which headlamp to purchase, or choose a model that offers both settings if you plan to use it for a range of different activities.
  • IP class. The IP class of a headlamp indicates what external factors the headlamp can withstand and to what extent. Some of our headlamps may be splash proof, while others are built to withstand submersion in water up to a depth of 1.5m. Foreign particles like dust are also guarded against when manufacturing our Ledlenser LED headlamps, where the IP class will indicate the extent of that protection as per the model. Depending on your surroundings and what you’ll be doing when using the headlamp, the light’s IP class will help you to determine the most suitable lighting solution for your needs.