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During the freeze drying process, crystals of frozen ice in the fresh food are sublimed (evaporated) to water vapour in a vacuum chamber resulting in a completely dry product that does not shrink during the drying process. When prepared for eating, the water is quickly absorbed by the pores left by the ice crystals to give a juicy, tender food product. After packing, the food is heat-sealed in recyclable foil pouches from which all the air has been removed and replaced with nitrogen gas, keeping the food preserved and flavoursome for at least four years. This means you can have the convenience of high nutrition meals on hand to eat at any time you want.

THE BENEFITS OF MOISTURE REMOVAL VIA FREEZE DRYING Moisture removal is age old technique of preserving our food. Salting, smoking, and drying methods have all been around since the dawn of time and in effect they do a similar job to freeze drying, albeit far less efficiently. Once you extract moisture, you also remove a potential breeding ground for bacterial nasties and make it much harder for food to spoil. The additional benefit is that freeze drying removes the moisture from food making it much lighter and easier to carry and, when prepared for eating, the water is quickly absorbed by the pores left by the ice crystals to give a juicy, tender food product.

FREEZE DRIED FOOD NUTRITION Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity and our products have a careful mix of the essential components needed for a balance of energy and nutrition to keep you moving and healthy in the hills. Along with naturally occurring minerals and the addition of salt, our freeze dried meals provide vitamins and minerals necessary to fuel your back country adventures. Freeze drying retains the natural vitamins in the food because of the low temperatures used in processing as well as balanced carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fats to keep you feeling full.

BACK COUNTRY FREEZE DRIED MEALS ARE SIMPLE TO PREPARE To make your Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meal simply add the required amount of hot or cold water stated on the back of each meal pouch, stir and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a meal full of nutrition, ready to eat wherever your adventure may take you. Check out the added lower tear tab on all pouches, once the meal has been reconstituted just tear the lower perforation and use the pouch as a bowl. A great idea and saves getting messy hands when using your spoon or spork, if you remembered to pack one that is. Finally, rinse the pouch and seal it in a zip lock bag ready to come home for soft plastic recycling. And here’s a quick science lesson, foil doesn’t burn, so please don’t leave them in the hut or campsite fire for the next person to clean up.