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  • Soldiers Individual Identification Patch

    Soldiers Individual Identification Patch

    Australian Army Soldiers are issued Individual identification patches. An initial issue of four patches to each individual is made so that, Body Armour, Helmet and Field shirts can be identified. ...
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  • Military Formation Tactics

    Military Formation Tactics

    Military tactics are essential for any successful combat mission. In addition to being tactical in nature, military formations must also take into account the potential impact of non-combatant casualties and...
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  • Australian Army Dress Manual

    Australian Army Dress Manual

    Got questions about uniform issues. The Australian Army Dress Manual will be your resource.  Army Dress Manual applies to all ranks of the Australian Army and to other persons entitled...
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  • How to Polish Military Parade Shoes

    How to Polish Military Parade Shoes

      Easy step-to-step guide to how to polish your shoes: Instructions below… 1) Boil your kettle – remember to add water to it first! 2) Acquire kiwi black parade gloss...
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  • Combat Field Hygiene

    Combat Field Hygiene

    The purpose of this publication is to assist individual service members, unit commanders, unit leaders, and field sanitation teams (FSTs) in preventing disease and nonbattle injury (DNBI). The publication provides...
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  • Mils V Degrees What’s the Difference

    Mils V Degrees What’s the Difference

    You may have heard your instructors refer to mils and degrees throughout your training. But what exactly is the difference between these two units of measurement? While they sound similar...
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  • Tactical Hoochie Shelter Military

    Tactical Military Shelter Construction

    An individual shelter (Hootchie) is a light weight, easy to assemble shelter. It is a single, plastic sheet with a disruptive pattern on the surface, and is designed to be...
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  • LED Lenser Headlamps H-Series

    LED Lenser Headlamps H-Series

    LED Lenser Headlamp Comparison Chart Download Here   Whether you need professional headlamps for construction or agricultural work, or a quality, reliable headlamp for your favourite outdoor pastimes – you will find...
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  • AMCu Australian Multicam Pattern Uniform

    AMCU Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform

    The Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) is the combat uniform camouflage pattern for the Australian Defence Force, general issued from 2014 onwards . The AMCU is replacing the previously used Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU) and Australian Multicam...
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