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Ekko Magic Dehydrated Cloth

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Ekko Magic Dehydrated Cloth


  • Ekko Magic wipes are a hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • 100% bio-degradable multi-purpose cloth made from 100% cotton. 
  • By simply adding liquid you can determine how you are going to use your ekko magic wipe.

Add warm or cold water for the following uses;

1. Polishing parade shoes with parade gloss. (no more spit polishing! Amazing results)
2. Cleaning cloth to polish belt buckles, stainless steel or silver
3. Remove cam cream from skin in no time at all
4. Highly absorbent cloth to clean up little messes.
5. Dry cloth to clean CD's, DVD's and camera lenses.
6. Refreshing towel to wipe hands neck and face

Add an antiseptic solution and use 

1. To bath a wounds, scratches and scrapes in the field
2. As a temporary bandage.

Maintain hygiene in the field by adding a drop of detergent and some water to use as a cleaner for your canteen cups/kfs sets/dixie cups.

  • The uses for this ekko magic cloth are unlimited. 
  • The compressed tablet is 2cm x 1cm so you wont even notice carrying it.
  • It takes up no room at all. 
  • Once expanded the cloth is 24cm x 25cm. 100% biodegradable and lint free. These are an essential item of kit for anyone!